A single day project in which a simulated costumer provides a design brief and is led through a compressed process of product design.

In this case, a simulated thumb-drive company named “Thumbs” with a “USB-splitter” product is in need for plastic casing. The company receives concept sketches, 3D CAD models and renderings for 3 design routes.

Faceless division

An ongoing art project in which portrait drawing of different characters are devoid of faces in an eerily alienating way. The viewer is denied a facial reference point to focus on.

The portraits make use of highly contrasting saturated colors.

Pac one

Experimental PCB design in which 3 puzzle shaped PCBs are fitted together in a 3D-spherical shape using solder.

PCB designed in Eagle.

PCB fabricated through Seeed Studio.

LED stick

A small PCB design project in which a LED stick has 6 addressable LED’s that can be controlled by a micro-controller.

PCB designed in Eagle.

PCB fabricated through Seeed Studio.


A digital piece inspired by zippers and teeth.

Color rule #1

An experiment in color regions and mathematically based rectangle dimensions


A digital piece inspired by cats and suggestive organic shapes.


A seamlessly repeating texture of a cartoon brain.

Made in Flash.


A digital experiment in Flat color art.

Inspired by Noah’s ark.